Because MTL likes to Drink & Eat...

Last night was the MTL BAR & BOUFFE's media event, a launch for its first annual drink and food festival, showcasing 20 culinary talents from our beloved city.

If you don't know it already, Montreal boasts in outstanding restaurants & bars (we do have one of the highest eatery to resident ratio in North America!) and it would be nearly impossible to try them all. Fortunately, someone figured that out and created MTL BAR & BOUFFE giving us the opportunity (and the excuse) to sample many great food & cocktail pairings from new and established restaurants around town. 

For 10 days, each restaurant will offer 3 pairings, which gives you a total of 60 cocktail + food combinations to choose from. You can purchase your ticket online for a mere $15 (taxes included may I add!) or buy one at any of the participating establishments for $19. Your ticket is valid for one pairing, in any restaurant associated with the MTL BAR & BOUFFE fiesta. 

Participating Restaurants & Bars

Apt. 200 - Baron Samedi - Barraca rhumerie & tapas - Drinkerie Ste-Cunégonde - Fitzroy - La Flèche - Grenade - Helm Brasseur Gourmand - Henri Saint-Henri - Huis Clos Lorbeer - Mimi la Nuit - Monsieur Smith - Notkins - Quai no.4 - Rachel Rachel - Shinji Bar - Suwu  - Taverne Normand - Taverne Saint-Sacrement

If last night's festive atmosphere is at all an indication of what's coming, I predict that this first annual MTL BAR & BOUFFE event will be the first of many more to come. Great for tourists and local foodies alike!


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