Satay Brothers: Welcome to the brotherhood.

I truly love my neighborhood... I've seen many things happen in the past 8 years; old businesses closing, condos rising, yuppies moving in (including myself, I'll admit it!), crumbling homes getting a facelift then flipped and new "hip" restaurants & bars spawning all along Notre-Dame street. Known as the Montreal ghetto for the longest time, St-Henri has become a mecca for hipsters and bearded dudes alike. Often compared to Brooklyn, this hood may have gone through a recent makeover but the griminess can still be felt (and that's how we like it). As a first post for this new Julius & Valentina section, I wanted to start with my new home, my new turf... St-Henri. 

I'm starting everything with Satay Brothers: a brotherhood of St-Henri natives offering the best Southeast Asian "street food" around. Just like the area, Satay Brothers is unpretentious, authentic, cool, homey and a little grimy. If you can't find me at home, chances are, I'm at S.B's bar chatting with Phil, Marco or Alex while slurping my Laska Lemak noodles (one "x") and Instagramming yet another bun photo. No.... not that kind of bun photo. It's very much like a scene from Cheers. The team is always welcoming, like they've known you forever, old school hip hop and classic Motown will mostly likely be blasting and most importantly, the food is consistently top notch. 

Satay Brothers:  3721 Notre Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H4C 1P8

  • Type: Singaporean street food
  • Known For: Pork belly baos (classic Chinese steamed buns), papaya salad & satays
  • Try: Beside what they are know for, also try their spicy coconut noodle soup "Laksa Lemak", the refreshing string bean salad "Gado Gado" and their daily sandwiches. 
  • Feels Like: You're in a secret Asian restaurant, deep in a dark Chinatown alley from a classic 80's movie. If you've been to NYC's Mission Chinese Food, you know what I'm talking about. 
  • Note To Self: Be prepared to wait in line  (they don't take reservations), their Singapore Sling with knock you straight down, ask for one "X" if you can't handle spicy food, and the staff will most likely make fun of you, your name or something you say... but it's all love. 

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