I’ll be honest with you. When I was first introduced to the concept of yet another “supperclub”, I wasn’t too excited about it. My idea of supperclubs has been tainted by overpriced generic food, flashy people and drunken nights (most of them ending in Chinatown for fried rice and salt-pepper pork chops- you know what I’m talking about…). But, being the “professional” that I am, I decided to leave my judgmental sourpuss face home and give Soubois a try. 

sous-bois French word for undergrowth: usually refers to the vegetation in a forest, which can obstruct passage through the forest.

Soubois’ concept is reflected in every aspect; walls, tables, colors as well as in its menu. It’s hard to imagine something so enchanting and mysterious hides under massive cement buildings (or, inside the old Copacabana for that matter!)

Now, the pièce de resistance: the food. This is where I was pleasantly surprised… As mentioned earlier, I’m rarely satisfied with supperclub food, which usually can be resumed by boring pasta, some sort of grilled meat and basic steamed veggies (kinda like at a bad wedding, you know? Insert judgmental & sourpuss emoticons here). Soubois’s menu however, was innovative, fun and best of all, tasty. Using a great variety of fresh terroir ingredients, the food is clean, simple and comforting. Yet, there's also a certain complexity and a je-ne-sais-quoi in its flavors. (But hey, I'm no Michelin critic; I just like to good food!)

If like me you’re not the loud “party” type, don’t skip Soubois… You can fully enjoy a delicious meal and friendly convos over cocktails earlier in the evening. However, there’s plenty of good music and pretty people late at night, if that’s your thing!


1106 Maisonneuve Blvd W, Montreal, Québec H3A 1M7 - (514) 564-3672


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